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The CARMIX principle

of selfloading 4x4 concrete mixers

just provide the aggregates and let CARMIX

  • carmix loading stones


    Thanks to its unique articulated hydraulically operating shovel, CARMIX easily manages all the loading operations of the aggregates with excellent precision. The blade fitted inside the shovel permits the breaking of cement bags with no waste. From the shovel any material will flow smoothly and quickly into the drum.

  • MIX

    Once in the drum, aggregates and cement are perfectly mixed together with the self-pumped water from the twin tanks.
    Mixing quality and therefore concrete quality is granted by the 4mm thick "T" type double screw.


    no place is too difficult for CARMIX. The 4 wheel drive hydrostatic transmission along with the ideal weight balance allow CARMIX to climb fully loaded over 30% gradients.

  • carmix drum rotates around machine


    With the drum slewing 300° the operator pours concrete around the 4 sides of the machine at over 2m height. As well suitable to feed concrete pumps. (Models 2.5TT and 3.5TT)

PROMIX - build in quality control

CARMIX as a real small concrete plant

With the Load Cells weighing system, every Carmix machine becomes a real 4×4 mobile batching plant, able to obtain a perfect compound directly at the site. This system, equipped with a printer in the cab for issuing certificates, allows the operator to check and replicate any concrete recipe, transforming the Carmix into the first machine on the market that guides the operator in which operations are necessary for perfect control of the recipe.

Benefits from PROMIX SYSTEM

  • measure the consistence and workability of the concrete inside the drum without the need of taking probes

  • measures the slump, temperature and indicates when the mix is ready

  • produce a constant consistent concrete of high quality

  • do not waste time for the concrete analysis after the mixing process

  • LED display delivers real time data to the operator

PROMIX - Components


The stainless steel sensor inside the concrete mixer provides slump, temperature, humidity and rotational speed of the concrete mixer.


The solar feeds the battery for independent 3 days of operation


Data is captured every ten seconds and updated on a clearly visible display to the operator in the cab.

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