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CARMIX economic concrete anywhere

CARMIX selfloading concrete mixers

welcome to CARMIX in Germany, we are proud to show your our products for easy production of concrete, our Silos dedicate to selfloading concrete mixers and our rigid dumpers.

4x4 selfloading mixers

Concrete wherever and whenever you need it and wherever your jobsite may be.

You only need a CARMIX and the aggregates.
Within 15 minutes a complete batch is produced and ready for placing.

Available capacities per batch are:
5.5m³/ 3.5m³/ 2.5m³/ 1,0m³

PROMIX Quality Control


measure the consistence and workability of the concrete inside the drum without the need of taking probes!

PROMIX was developed to make your days more productive.


The perfect match for suppying cement to the CARMIX selfloading concrete mixers.
CARMIX BAGGER, a highly mobile 3 cement silo

CARSILO, for bigger projects
available in three sizes (16m³ / 26m³ / 36m³).
other dimensions available on request.
learn more about our SILOS

Max. hourly output by CARMIX Models

  • 0 m³/h
    CARMIX 5.5XL
  • 0 m³/h
    CARMIX 3.5TT
  • 0 m³/h
    CARMIX 25FX / 2.5TT
  • 0m³/h

4x4 CARMIX Dumper D6

Build to last!

for a payload of 10 ton. or 6m³ of heaped concrete.
Ready to operate under rough conditions.
Click here to learn more about our 4x4 Dumpers....

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